Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Safety - Road ID

I emailed my friends and family this link about a year ago. I had heard about it in a magazine and instantly thought I'd buy if for Chad. He walks the country roads by our house and never carries ID. I mean who really wants to carry their license when they go on a walk. So I ripped the page out of the magazine and checked out their website ( I ended up buying Chad a braclet with his name, city and state, my phone number and his parent's phone number on it. They also have shoe tags, ankle braclets, necklaces, etc. There are several different options. You can even put allergy info on them. Basically whatever you'd like.

I highly recommeded checking out their website. If you have a family member or loved one that walks, runs or just plain doesn't care ID on them while they are out this is perfect. It's even great for kids. You can hook it to their shoe if they go on a bike ride to the park with their friends. The items are reasonably priced but you really can't put a price on safety or someone's life.

Again the website is

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