Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hearty Taco Chili

This is a really good dish. I make it all the time. I add a little extra stuff to make the recipe bigger so there are more leftovers. It's very filling. (I do two cans of the beans)

Hearty Taco Chili

2 Pounds Ground Turkey Meat (Recipe calls for Beef but we try to not eat a lot of red meat)
1 Can Kidney Beans - Rinsed and Drained
1 Can Pinto Beans - Rinsed and Drained
1 Can Black Beans - Rinsed and Drained
1 Can Diced Tomatoes and Green Chilies, undrained
1 Can Tomato Sauce
1 Small Onion (I don't put onion in mine)
1 Envelope Ranch Salad Dressing Mix (I use Uncle Dan's)
1 Envelope Taco Seasoning (I use the organic packet at Safeway)
1/2 Teaspoon Pepper
2 Cans Diced Tomatoes, undrained
1 Can Chopped Green Chilies

(Corn chips, sour cream and shredded chedder cheese, optional)

1. In a large skillet, cook turkey meat over medium heat until no longer pink; drain. Transfer to a 5-qt. slow cooker. Add beans, tomatoes, tomato sauce, onion, salad dressing mix, taco seasoning and pepper.

2. In a blender, combine diced tomatoes and green chilies; cover and process until smooth. Add to the slow cooker. Cover and cook on low for 6 hours.

3. Serve with corn chips, sour cream and cheese if desired.

Now, I change up this recipe a little bit.

A. I always add two cans of each bean.
B. I don't cook for 6 hours on low - I cook it on high for about an hour or two.
C. I make white rice to mix into the chili once it's done. I cook the rice in my rice cooker. (Sticky Rice)

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