Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Preserving Food at Home

I have some time tonight so I'm finally going to post some great articles and recipes.

I came across this in my Family Circle Magazine. It's a great book to use for those of us who are looking to save money and eat better. Here's a list of great books to guide you through canning your garden:

"Preserving Food at Home" by Judy Chadwick

"Well-Preserved" by Eugenia Bone

"The Complete Book of Pickling" by Jennifer MacKenzie

I haven't bought any of these yet but I do plan on buying the first one. I have already put my garden in. I am SO excited that I finally got to put a garden in. I planted tomatoes, green beans, zucchini, squash, celery, red peppers, hot peppers, corn, pumpkins, chocolate mint, spearmint, and strawberries. I also have cilantro growing back from last year. I didn't realize that herbs came back every year but my cilantro might be an exception.

Here's the garden before I planted in it. Chad tilled up an area for me and put down some good soil. It's right off the back deck, behind the pool and next to our pond. Great location.Here's the garden after I planted everything. I have since done more work out there. I planted a few more plants. I have also put a fence up to keep our dogs out. I will have to take a picture of it once the weather gets a little better.

For those of you who don't have room for a garden and want local fresh product that isn't from the grocery store check out You can find produce in your area from farmers.

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