Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dr. Oz's Green Drink

We make this a lot - it makes a big jar of smoothie. It will keep in the fridge for at least 3 days.

This "green drink" is high in fiber, low-calorie and rich in vitamins. Dr. Oz swears by this "breakfast" smoothie.

Dr. Oz's Green Drink
Makes approx. 3-4 Servings

2 Cups Spinach
2 Cups Cucumber (I just do one large cucumber)
1 Head of Celery
1/2 inch Ginger Root
1 Bunch Parsley
2 Apples
Juice of one Lime
Juice of one Lemon

Combine all ingredients in a blender and mix.

I don't measure the spinach but am sure that I'm putting more like 3 cups into the blender. We always add filtered water - we fill the blender about half way or less.


  1. I agree with the thing that Green drink should be added in your daily diet for good health. It is very necessary in boosting up your energy level.

  2. will it work in a blender? I don't have a juicer it looks like a lot of stuff for a blender

  3. We put it in our VitaMix blender and it works great.